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26th European Regional Conference, from 11-16 October 2015, in Montpellier, France. Contact: Secrétaire Général, Association Française pour l'Etude des Irrigations et du Drainage (AFEID), 361 rue Jean-François Breton, BP 5095, F - 34196 – MONTPELLIER CEDEX 5, France. Tel: +, Fax: +, E-mail:, Website:

Call for papers Second Announcement

Call for Papers for International Workshops on:
1. Non-Structural Adaptations to Flood Management, 2. Ecosystem Services and Multi-Functionality of Irrigation and Drainage Systems, and 3. Precision Irrigation for Sustainable Crop Production


66th IEC Meeting, Montpellier, France, 2015 [Previous Agendas]


65th IEC Meeting, Gwangju, Rep. of Korea, 2014 [Previous Minutes]


Mandate: The mission of ERWG is to promote awareness about critical ICID relevant water issues at all levels in Europe and to pay special attention to the environmentally sustainable water management in Europe.

Profile: The European Regional Working Group (ERWG) of ICID was founded at the 46th IEC Meeting in Rome in September, 1995, and is acting under the motto "Comprehensive land and water management in European river basins for the sustainable development of the rural landscape". The tasks of ERWG can be summarized :

  • Knowledge transfer and exchange of experience in matters of border crossing water and land management in European countries
  • Co-operation of experts and organisations engaged in national, supranational and international objectives of water management and irrigated agriculture
  • Development and promotion of border crossing projects and conferences

Established : 1995


VP HaydeMembers: (1) VPH Dr. Laszlo Hayde, Chairman (2010) (Hungary, 2005); (2) VPH Prof. Dr. Peter Kovalenko, Vice Chairman, 2005 (Ukraine, 1999); (3) Mr. Olli-Matti Verta, Secretary (2011) (Finland, 2011); (4)  VPH Prof. dr. Brane Maticic (Slovenia, 1996); (5) Prof. Dr. Ion Nicolaesco (Romania, 1996); (6) Mr. Pedro Eduardo da Cunha Serra (Portugal, 1996); (7) Prof. Dr. Svatopluk Matula (Czech Rep., 1997); (8) Mr. Frederick M. CATE (Austria, 1998); (9) Prof. Dr. Davor Romic (Croatia, 2002); (10) Mr. Mati Tonismae (Estonia, 2002); (11) Dr. John Martin (Ireland, 2003); (12) Dr. Pol Hakstege (The Netherlands, 2007); (13) Dr. Irina G. Pankova (Russia, 2007); (14) Mr. Claude Allain Vullier (Switzerland, 2007); (15) Dr. (Mrs.) Sabine Seidelas Young Professional (Germany, 2011); (16) Mr. Ian Makin (UK, 2014); (17) Dr. Sami Bouarfa (France, 2013); (18) Dr. (Mrs.) Irina Bondarik (Russia, 2012); (19) Dr. Klaus-Dieter Vorlop (Germany, 2012); and (20) Secretary General, ICID.

Observers: (i) Mr. Mohammed Binbilidia (IME, France); and (ii) Prof. Dr. Joachim Quast (Germany)

Ex-Officio Members:  (i) VPH Prof. Peter Kovalenko ( Ukraine), Chairman ERWG Work Team on Sustainable Irrigation Management (EWTSIM); ( ii) Dr. Konstantin P. Tuluzakov ( Russia), Chairman ERWG WT on Drainage (EWTDRA) and ( iii) Chairman to be appointed ERWG Work Team on Water Related Risk Analysis

PRESENTATIONS - Gwangju, September 2014

  1. Irene Bondarik (Russia) - 12th International Drainage Workshop (IDW), 23-26 June 2014 at St. Saint – Petersburg, Russia
  2. Klaus Röttcher (Germany) - Water Management in Germany
  3. Sabine Seidel (Germany) - German Irrigation Project SAPHIR