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Next to the European National Committees of ICID are incorporated in the ERWG Water Network

(5) European professional organizations :

  • CIPR - Commission Internationale pour la Protection du Rhin
  • EurAgEng - Special Interest Group on Soil and Water, European Society of Agricultural Engineers
  • EWA - European Water Association
  • EWRA - European Water Resources Association
  • TECHWARE - Technology for Water Resources

(7) National Water Management Associations :

  • BSHE - Bulgarian Society of Hydraulic Engineers
  • ATV-DVWK - German Association for Water Management, Waste Water and Waste
  • DONBH - Society for Irrigation and Drainage of Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • LZHIS - Lithuanian Association of Land and Water Management Engineers
  • MHT - Hungarian Hydrological Society
  • RSRE - Russian Society of Reclamation Engineers
  • SITWM - Polish Association for Water Plant Construction and Land Improvement Engineers and Technicians

(6) European Water Management Institutes :

  • ACVAPROJECT - Water Management Design Institute (Moldova Republic)
  • DHI - Danish Hydraulic Institute
  • IIDS - Institute of Irrigation and Development Studies, University of Southampton (United Kingdom)
  • RIIDHE - Research Institute for Irrigation, Drainage and Hydraulic Engineering (Bulgaria)
  • VITUKI - Water Resources Research Centre Plc. (Hungary)
  • IME - Institut Méditerranéen de l'Eau (France)